About Us

  • Metal & Steel Corporation (MSCO) is based in Kaohsiung and is a leading exporter of a wide variety of fasteners in Taiwan. MSCO has partnered up with a group of local manufacturers and sub-makers to provide a wide array of fasteners from standards to special custom made-to-order types. This makes MSCO your one-stop shop for assorted varieties which saves you valuable time allowing you to concentrate on your sales and decision making, while at the same time, allowing the manufacturers to concentrate on production and quality.

  • MSCO understands the demands these days for lowering costs, yet without sacrificing the quality. That’s why every supplier is chosen carefully depending on the items needed and whether or not it is in their specialty range. MSCO makes these suppliers follow a very strict qualification process and must follow them to a tee.

  • We are a technical, service based company with an excellent and experienced team led by Mr. Robert Jerng (founder and ex-owner of Oriental Fasteners OFCO). He has over 30 years of experience in the fastener industry and helped many customers ‘think out side the box’ finding cost effective ways to help them save costs and increase their competitiveness. For example, for one particular client in the Auto Fastener industry, a machined part was required, 10 million of them! Robert analyzed the drawing and consulted with several of the manufacturers and found that the same part can be easily produced cheaper and have better strength than the original design by simply switching to cold forming instead. Of course it sounds easier than done as there were several technical challenges to overcome, but in the end, every one wins!

  • Why should you cooperate with MSCO?

  • - because MSCO believes in teamwork, customer service and positive outlook
  • - because MSCO is a customer driven company
  • - because MSCO knows the customer’s desire to reduce costs
  • - because MSCO is able to find more cost-effective ways for customers to run their businesses

  • Our Team: Personal Profile

    Robert Jerng Specialized in ODM & metallurgy, EMBA in marketing and logistics. 3 decades of involvement in fasteners. Ex. CEO of Oriental Fasteners.
    Bryan Cheng 8 years studies in Canada and USA, major in finance. Integrity and efficiency are what customers count on, MSCO continues to make things better everyday.
    Pola Chen Master in Material Science & Engineering. Expertise in Quality Assurance, knowledgeable with Quality system, quality, engineering, failure analysis, and in-process control.
    Johnny Miao Studied science in Kaohsiung Tech. University. 15 years of involvement in computer hardware and fastener sales. Skilled in business administration, engineering oriented sales lead.
    Eric Pan Spent 14 years in Toronto, Canada, where he studied Statistics in University of Toronto, and worked in computer sales. In hope to create a win win situation for everyone while working at MSCO.